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Crazy friends are crazy.

''My rabbit thinks it's a dinosaur. It stood up on it's back legs and said RRAAWGH. And then it sat back down again. And sneezed.''

''You know what!? A woman came up to me today and asked if I was having a baby! I KNEW I shouldn't have eaten that packet of Monster Munch....''

''You should go in the wigwam. We went in the wigwam. It felt so wrong, but it was really fun!''

''He had his skirt up my hand! No, he had my hand up his skirt! I had my skirt up his hand! No wait, HE had his skirt up.. I had my hand up..He had his hand.. *confused drunk mumblings* Uugh you know what I MEAN *passes out* "

''I'm so confused! I just walked past the chicken hut and heard beeping, and thought 'Oh, there must be a polecat..' I mean, what?? Since when do they beep?''

*asleep* ''But there's no REASON why an elephant should be bigger than a possum....''

''Store in a cool dry place.. But what if I dont WANT to store it in a cool dry place, I like it HOT and WET!"

''But how come clouds float, if they're all full up with rain? Is it because they're above where the gravity is?''

Miss Mills: *gestures towards boxes* ''These things are always getting in my way... I keep asking the men to come and remove them..''
Cat: *whispers* ''..Why do I imagine she's talking about her breasts?!''

'Did you know that there was a massive riot outside the london ikea when they marked everything down to half price? People DIED. People were abandoning their cars and runnig to get ahold of those half price curtain poles'


[Q: 'how do you know which end of a worm is it's head?']
Zoe: ''Well that's EASY, you just have to tickle it and see which end wiggles!''

''WAW that seagull just made a really weird noise..''
''..Dude, that's my cat.''

''Just blow it, and never mind the food poisoning..''
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