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"Whores, donkeys, and virgins. What a class." - Madison

"I loved her before I even dated him." - Middle-Aged Man at IHOP

"He's sort of like Voldemort. Except he rapes things." - bextcoll

"Some people are happy when they say, 'I'm going to kill you.'" - Mr. Watson
"That's not a culture; that's a problem." - Sirena

"The business of America is business." - Thomas
"Redundancy is redundant." - Justin C.

"Add or subtract, it doesn't matter what you do there." - slasher_chick
"Don't give me that sort of power!" - bextcoll

"Do you want a fried ice cream?" - Mom
"No." - slasher_chick
"Wanna share one?" - Mom
"Not really." - slasher_chick
"*to waiter* Can we get a fried ice cream please?" - Mom

"I'll give you a choice. Kentucky plays in about two or three minutes and we can watch it. If we don't do that, we're going to learn polynomial division. Weigh your options carefully." - Mr. Madding

"I don't like being compared to baby shit." - Tanner

"*trying to help us sing* It's like you're sticking a pin in a donkey." - Mr. Hein

"My soul just up and ran away one day. It's hard to keep up with that son of a bitch." - bextcoll

"We're talking about cleavage everywhere. Just pouring out." - Ashlyn

"He's not like Matt. He can't take several beatings from a chair." - Sims
"...I like that compliment. Thank you." - Matt

"Yeah, well I didn't know he was my cousin until last night." - Girl in the Hall (*sigh* Only in Kentucky.)

"I love him. I just want to make butt sex to him." - Josh

"And by scepter, I mean donkey penis." - Gayle

"I'm a cow seat." - bextcoll

"I MAKE MILK!!!" - Dustin

"Britney Spears is Snarry personified. Yeah, it's that mess up. Snarry shaves its head." - bextcoll

"Edward is so hot he melts your Pocky." - bextcoll

"He looks a little jaundiced." - Dad
"That's because he's an asshole." - Mom
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