wordicuffs (wordicuffs) wrote in livequotes,

Heard while in the backseat of a car

-driver is handed a quarter in change from the lady at the toll bridge booth-
Girl 1: You know, strippers stack up quarters and pick them up with their vaginas. So that quarter could have been in a vagina at some point.
driver: Um... -throws quarter into girl's lap- You can keep it.
Girl 2: Where did you hear that? Google?
Girl 1: No! I haven't been googleing 'vagina quarters'! It came to me in a dream. See, in my dream, I was a quarter, and the vagina was coming for me. But since I was a quarter and therefore had no legs, I couldn't move! I could only sit there and scream in terror as the vagina bore down on me...
Girl 2: Were there other...quarter refugees in this dream?
Girl 1: -sniffles sadly- No, no. I was all alone.
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