slasher_chick (slasher_chick) wrote in livequotes,

This place is dead! T_T

New quote book because I've lost yet another one.

"I need really big man parts here." - Mr. Hein

"Damn scapula. I quit." - Claudia

"My hounds from Hell turned into chihuahuas." - Mr. Madding

"It's good that the sopranos are putting out." - Mr. Hein

"He's shaking. You broke him!" - Kara

"She found my right ovary in like 2 seconds. Twenty minutes later she's still looking for the left one, which is playing a rousing game of 'Hide and Go Fuck Yourself, I'm Not Showing Up on That Screen.'" - Claudia

"There's a polygamist who lives in Murray." - Chelsea
"Great, it's spreading." - Adam J

"Girls, guess what you are better at." - Mr. Watson
"Everything." - Chelsea and Madison

"God giveth and God taketh away. Of course, that's what the rednecks did. They pissed God off and He was like, 'I'm taking the reading!'" - Josh

"Can you show us how you cut yours?" - Girl #1
"If you help us find our vagina." - Girl #2

"You weigh less than the freshman do, and they're like 3'2"." - Sabrina

"Why can women have two orgasms?" - Adam J
"'Cause we're awesome. Obviously." - Claudia

"Thomas, you're just making it really fruity over here." - Sabrina

"You're not as skanky as last year's class." - Mr. Watson

"Cody, I swear, if you close that window I'm going to rip your arms off and mail them to your family." - Ms. Millikan

"You can kill a hooker and get your money back. I do that every time." - Tyler R

"No matter how much you like your son or daughter's boyfriend..." - Mr. Watson

"Everybody in our class is either dead or pregnant." -bextcoll

"Don't let your mouth shapes get shallow. And what I mean by shallow is 'not deep.'" - Mr. Hein

"Pay is not your only motivation." - Mr. Watson
"But it is shiny." - bextcoll

"You must obey the Pop Tart." - Girl

"I don't like gaining weight. It makes me feel fat." - Dustin

"Pepper can't be white, 'cause then he'd be Salt." -bextcoll

"Dude, if you could do anything, would you wear pants?" - Claudia

"Beat me and I'll love you forever!" - Thomas

"He was on top of you?" - Guy #1
"I was under him." - Guy #2
"Was it a bunk bed?" - Guy #1
"No, it was a normal bed." - Guy #2

"My butt is wet and I expect you to dry it." - Cort
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