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livequotes's Journal

Things Overheard
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All Members , Moderated
[Founded by _redpanda_: R. I. P. 10-22-1972 to 09-22-2005
Moderated by starbrow ]

For posting funny, odd, or downright bizarre things you overhear in real-life. To clarify: do not quote conversations you took part in, though you may quote family, friends, co-workers, total strangers, anyone. This is for those things you just happen to overhear, things make you either burst out laughing or go "WTF?!"

NOTE: Yes, this is a companion community to metaquotes, which is why this profile might look a little familiar. ;)

  • You must have heard the quote yourself -- no "friend of a friend" tales.
  • You must heard the quote -- no chat dialogues or gags found online.
  • Keep 'em simple -- convoluted injokes simply ain't funny.
  • Use the LJ-Cut for spoilers and (potentially) offensive quotes.
  • Griping about quotes you don't like is boring. Don't.
  • And please don't quote yourself -- it's lame.

    Mod Note: Yes, I do delete off-topic or rule-breaking posts, and I do ban users who can't follow the rules or who give me grief. However, I'm not a tyrant; I may also make exceptions because this is a fun comm and I'm nice that way. If you have a problem with the way I handle things here, leave.

    imquotes (instant-message funnies)
    lotrquotes (anything Tolkien)
    metaquotes (overheard on LJ)
    potterquotes (anything Rowling)
    rpgquotes (from RPG games)
    selfquotes (tout your own stuff)
    suequotes (from the MarySue comms)